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Workshops promoting recycling, upcycling and creative furniture design.
SK-ARTISTI Team: Anna, GiuliaZanotti, Serena Zammartini, Chiara Della Costanza
The name of the team has is own SKA bit that reminds the Italian word SCARTO meaning waste/scrap.
We worked together re-purposing disused materials, proper "rubbish", with a new design with the intent of promoting creativity and an eco-sustainable way of living.
We believe in objects second life integrate OLD, BROKEN and SCRUFFY with NEW and COOL.
We see any consumerist way of wasting goods and money as a step back for society, a clear manifestation of a "shelter mentality".
We believe that growing our practical and hand-making skills has a great impact on daily life and can improve everyone's lives.
In 2012 we had a chance to work on the project "Avanzi il Prossimo" and the workshop has been supported by the Comune di Casalecchio di Reno.
The project involved different people of different backgrounds and ages.