Born in Bologna (Italy) in 1986, with plenty of imagination ready to use. Since my mum taught me how to draw, I have never stopped doing it.

I graduated in Archaeological Heritage at Bologna University and gained further skills through other professional and short courses.

I have worked as an archaeologist, surveyor and CAD technician in the construction industry and, more recently, in customer service roles in different London Museums.

One day I realised that it was time to come back to my first love of pencils and painting. So here I am, an illustrator based in North London close to Hampstead Heath.

My creative process starts with a simple idea in pencil, that grows, turns and changes when I start to add colour until its final shape.

I am proficient in Photoshop and I am studying in developing my digital illustration skills.


I am collaborating with the Italian blog "Pesce Fuor D'Acqua" promoting good reading and creative writing.


I am part of "The Whale Project", a collective of talented musicians, multimedia and fine artists between Italy and Russia. I just started drawing the characters for The Whale Project new animated music video.